chapter b after fifty

Chapter B – To Be or not to Be

For some of us this is Chapter B. For others it’s even chapter C or D. But we don’t give up because we all need the love and caring that comes with relationships. Unfortunately, the older we get, the harder it is to find a relationship. It’s hard to find a “twin soul” a significant […]

Get your ex back

How to get your Ex back

I’m sure our children and grandchildren do not even imagine what emotions we experience at our older age. They find it difficult to understand that the intensity does not change, we want to really fall in love and find a partner for the last part of our lives and we are ready to do everything […]

menopause and sex life

Don’t let menopause ruin your sex life

The decline of a women’s sex drive during menopause is considered by numerous sufferers to be a typical and unavoidable side effect. This can advance serious sentiments of trouble, dissatisfaction and blame; all feelings that uplift existing self-esteem issues. While a portion of the physical changes that happen during menopause can credit to the loss […]

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