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Fashion for women over 50 who suffer from hot flashes

When thinking on fashion for women over 50, there are some basic facts of life which simply can’t be ignored… In this post I just had to refer to the combination of boiling summer days and the hot flashes  from which we suffer and another sad fact which is my bulging belly that I desparately try to hide.  So I don’t care that the description in Amazon says that it’s a “young dress”, I think that this is a perfect fashion for women over 50.  I bought one for myself and I must say that it’s a multi tasking dress.
You can use it at home, you can go with it to the beach and you can add some accessories and gold accents and even go out with this gorgeous dress at night with a small knitted gold cardigan. One thing I’m sure of: you will feel comfortable, relaxed and sexy.

BTW – Watch the earings video it is simply amazing! They look so beautifull, I got to have them!

Fashion for women over 50

Suffering from hot flashes? Try this adorable set by pretty-fifty featuring a young fabulous & broke dress

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