chapter b after fifty

Chapter B – To Be or not to Be

For some of us this is Chapter B. For others it’s even chapter C or D. But we don’t give up because we all need the love and caring that comes with relationships. Unfortunately, the older we get, the harder it is to find a relationship. It’s hard to find a “twin soul” a significant […]

fashion for women over 50

50s in the style – A guide to dress up your best self for women over 50

They envy you. After 5 decades of nonstop style searching and time’s polishing, now you finally reached your destination in life, a stop where many can only dream of using their boldest imagination. You have everything right before you, the beauty, the wisdom, the elegance, the confidence and especially the mysterious aura that life has […]

winter fashion for women over 50

Winter 2016 fashion for women over 50

This winter fashion sets are aimed for career women over fifty. In this era we continue to work and be active for many many years to come and there is no reason why not to look smart, young and sexy! Some of us are single ladies and looking great at work cannot harm our chances […]

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