menopause and sex life

Don’t let menopause ruin your sex life

The decline of a women’s sex drive during menopause is considered by numerous sufferers to be a typical and unavoidable side effect. This can advance serious sentiments of trouble, dissatisfaction and blame; all feelings that uplift existing self-esteem issues. While a portion of the physical changes that happen during menopause can credit to the loss […]

pear shaped body clothes

How to dress a pear shaped body figure

Pear shaped body is one of the most common physiques in the world. Who says you can’t look amazing with such a body shape? All you have to do is know which dress will complement your body type. Here are a few guidelines to follow so you can flaunt those curves in your body! Remember […]

Fashion for apple-shaped body

How to dress an apple-shaped body type

Before adhering to any tips regarding apple-shaped body types and their dressing, you must confirm that you do indeed have this specific body type. Some people often mistake an apple-shaped body to be a pear-shaped body. The difference is that a pear-shaped body is heavier in the upper thighs and just below the waist, whereas […]

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